Female Suli Magus from Mirina's Forest


Ataja looks somewhere between these three pics:



Ataja was born in Mirina’s Forest at a conflux of elemental energies known to her people as the Nexus of Djinn, nearly seventy miles out of High Branch. Her people, the Suli, originally descended from escaped genie slaves long ago, were losing their connection to their otherworldly origin, and beginning to become something more akin to baseline humans. While still possessing the strength and charismatic nature of their forebearers, the Suli were becoming increasingly unable to summon their innate ability to wreath their weapons in elemental power, and many were even becoming easily damaged by elemental spells.

Ataja’s birthing at the Nexus was something of an omen to her people, as she came out screaming, and then inadvertently covered her hands in drippng acid and frosty winter ice. Within a few days, however, the Suli began to see Ataja as a curse more than boon. During her naming ceremony, a conclave of genies erupted from the portal and announced to her people that they were taking the child. A few fought back, especially her own family, but the genies easily swatted them away and took the child, diving back into the Nexus.

Ataja grew up as little more than a plaything for those otherworldly monsters. Traded from Shaitan to Marid to Djinn to Efreeti, Ataja was trained in the massive swords of the fire genies and the freezing spells of their Marid cousins. She was something of a bodyguard, something of a slave.

It was only when the great Shaitan Witness-to-Cresting-Mountains let slip during a night of drunken revelry how geniekind had come by her services that she realized the great wrong that had been done to her. She fled into a portal and appeared in the middle of a large forest near a font of magical power, having no idea this was the same Nexus she had been birthed nearby so many years ago.

It was days until she found another living person, an elderly elven woman, and weeks more until the trek on foot would bring her to High Branch. She was told her people had long since moved on, but that her services would always be accepted in the Forest. Having no leads other than “they’ve moved,” she decided to stay and find out what she could. When the opportunity to go to Magical City XXXXX came, she gladly took it, knowing that her nomadic people would likely venture to the city at some point if they’d heard how rampant the magic was there.


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