Rikkul Kradius

Male Human Occultist from Lagon



Rikkul looks somewhere between these three pics:



Rikkul Kradius is a bastard born son of the head of House Rylith in Lagon. The family has had few males in recent generations, so even though Rikkul’s mother was a widowed noble woman of a much less powerful house, his father still accepted his birth. As such, he was afford a quality education, but never formally accepted by either family, living a life attended to by a veritable horde of non-Human servants, ordered by his father and mother to treat him terribly. It was only at highborn events, where he was never actually allowed to mingle except by the leave of his parents, that Rikkul was ever even able to see Humans and how they behaved and treated him in a generally amiable way. This, naturally, changed his outlook, as was his father’s attention.

A core part of his upbringing, the only times in which he ever saw another Human outside of political dinners, was when his father would have a decrepit old man take him into the basements of the estate Rikkul was raised in and explain to him the powers of vestiges, spirits, and bindings. He knew of Musha’Vadu, his ancestor, but was far too weak to bind the vestige to his will. However, through mentoring and through his own studies, Rikkul has decided that many of his kin have ascended to be vestiges, blowing past the mortal realm and into that of the spirits. Specifically, those that sought unadulterated power and immortality, especially those belonging to the constellation of the Skull, the Noble, the Hero, or the Mage. True or not, Rikkul believes every single vestige with a rank of nobility in its title is one of his own ancestors, and that he, too, is destined for greatness.

When he was fifteen, his father attempted to organize a marriage for him with a neighboring Dusklander family, seeking to wed Rikkul to an elven widow thirteen times his age to make a minor alliance with that house. The wedding occured, and Rikkul was happy enough, but when his wife discovered him binding in their estate’s attic, she attempted to turn him in for nothing but his own scholarly pursuits. Distraught over his future, he silenced her the only way he knew how, and ‘disappeared’ her body over the course of the next week. Seemingly distraught, and now a widower at the age of fifteen, Rikkul left Vallengard for the Archways to train in the Arcanists library there. As his magic was of a separate nature, he studied merely as a ‘scholar’ instead of an actual practitioner, more interested in history and heraldry than arcana as a rule. When invited to journey to Magic City XXXXXX as an observer and academician, he took the opportunity.

Rikkul Kradius

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