Trace Raeflis

Human Warlord from The Dusklands



Trace Raeflis was born in the city of Vyn’Dalnath, capital of The Dusklands. He is the fifth child, and fourth son, of Count Jartice and Countess Portia Raeflis. His brothers are Heathe (33), Varlin (28), and Werthal (24), while his sister is Xendia (30). Seeing that Trace was fifth in line to inherit the counts title [GM decision: can women inherit in The Dusklands], the count knew that he either had to marry Trace well or find a better use for him. As it happens, Trace showed an aptitude for the sword from an early age, which helped to make the Count’s decision much easier. When he was just 13 years old, Trace was admitted to the Royal Military Academy.

And there he thrived. He took the instruction exceptionally well, loving the dance and artfulness that came with swordplay, and it wasn’t long before he was able to easily defeat others his own age and more than hold his own against students several years his elder. He also started to get a reputation for his understanding and use of tactics and his ability to lead troops. This naturally got the attention of Commander Thyedin, head of the Academy. After some deliberation (officer training vs advanced studies), it was decided that Trace would enter the School for Advanced Martial Studies and study under Quealyn Gretich, master of the Thrashing Dragon discipline. At the age of 15, he was the youngest in a century to be admitted to the school.

If Trace thrived with regular instruction, he truly excelled under the special tutelage of Master Gretich . The basic techniques of the Thrashing Dragon discipline were quickly mastered, at it wasn’t long before he was learning the basics of other disciplines as well. Three years later, at the age of 18, Trace was ready for battle and to lead troops into them.

In the three years since, Trace has lead troops against bands of barbarians and raiders and has proven his abilities in combat and to lead. He has also gained the trust of his men, giving each the rewards owed to them and making sure they were taken care of when injured.

All this success doesn’t come without making some enemies, and it is one such enemy that has gotten him the current assignment. Want a rival removed without being able to do it yourself? Get him sent away on a dangerous mission. Trace knows an unknown someone pulled some strings to get him this assignment, but he welcomes it all the same.

[For the GM: It is up to the GM to determine details about Trace’s extended family and any in-laws that he likely has. It is fairly likely that all of his siblings are married and proabably have children. It is also pretty likely that he has some aunts and uncles. And while Trace is fairly close to his family (see the Family Ties trait), he is probably equally loyal to the military, in particular Commander Thyedin and Master Gretich.]

Trace Raeflis

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