Astonhill is a country of unusual roots. Ruled primarily by a combination of cosmopolitan dwarves and elves who left their traditional homes came together in the Area between the Aston mountains and Mirina’s Forest. Given the magical prowess of the elves and the mechanical knowledge of the dwarves, Astonhill was a force to be reckoned with prior to the loss of magic. While initially reluctant to join into the Great War, the leaders of Astonhill eventually joined the fray when a diplomatic mission to the then newly formed Republic of Lyria was attacked.

After the loss of the magic, the dwarves continued to craft, but some of their prowess was lost due to the fact that their mechanical knowledge had become to intertwined with magic that without it they could not produce the same machines without it. Moreover, as time has passed, humans have migrated to Astonhill, eventually outnumbering their elven and dwarven compatriots. Still, the nobility of Astonhill is well respected and still holds the reigns of power despite being in the minority.

Astonhill’s High Arcanist is Gwynn Olphan, commonly know as the Maiden of the Stone Halls. While the name maiden is no longer fitting , given that Gwynn is the oldest high Arcanists at the age of 324, the name has remained as a sign of respect since she is revered as one of the wisest people in all of Acline. While not formalized, the role of High Arcanists and King or Queen alternates between two royal and powerful families, the Dwarven Olphan clan and the Highleaf Elven family. Since the loss of magic through Acline, the bond between the two families, and the trust the people of Astonhill place in them, has only grown. Placing the royalty and power of the High Arcanists in two long lived houses has given Astonhill a great deal of foresight and and political canny.

Tylnath Nalgram
Population: 130,000
Composition: Dwarven 30%, Elven 29%, Human 20%, Halfling 15%, Other 6%
Like its Elven and Dwarven history, Tylnath Nalgram takes its name from the two respective languages. Tylnath (Tall Trees) Nalgram (Stone Halls) is more that just a general representation of the two races and their preferred. The city half build into the mountains, half extending into the trees that grow up around the mountain. As with many Dwarven cities, a great deal of the city has been lost as the means to oversee, or even reach, the deeper parts of the city have lost with the fading of magic. However, Astonhill still has a great deal of crafting knowledge stored away, especially magical crafting knowledge, stored away in magical runes that are all but unreadable now without the aid of magic.


Legacy of Amon Stalos