While Astonhill’s dwarves left the mountains, Cardonia’s still reside there today. Cardonia is a nation with a split personality. On the one hand, its official government is dwarven, and the cities built into the Cardon mountains hold the power in this nation. However, Cardonia ‘hold’ a vast amount of land from which they gather resources they cannot gain from the mountains. In these lands, humans sparesly populate the land in loose cities. These cities, while under the umbrella of Cardonia, are only loosely ruled by the dwarven authorities and generally are allowed to function autonomously.

Prior to the War, the land under Cardonia was, and essentially still is, a series of tunnels that connected large cities built under the earth. However, since the loss of magic, it has become impossible for the Cardonian dwarves to oversee so many tunnels and cities, and thus they have fallen back to the mountains where they are in complete control.

The high arcanist of Cardonia is currently Arman Greyfist. Arman is as accomplished a martial combatant as he is a caster, and he has personally lead many explorations into the deep tunnels of many Cardonian cities. While many of the simplier creatures that live in the deep tunnels and lost cities are trivial to Arman, more than once he has come across aberrations, and often he has mentioned that arcane aberrations are particularly ghastly and deformed.

Population: 170,000
Composition: 85% Dwarves, 15% other
Rythanon is the largest tunnel city in Cardonia and is the home of the greatest crafters on the continent. A great many mechanical devices stand within the city, and while the ability to recreate them are lost, the denizens of the city have been able to maintain a great deal of the mechanical devices in the city, like elevators, giant forges, and other great items that would be trivial before the lost of magic. Furthermore, Rythanon also has some of the best martial academies in Acline, and many Cardonian dwarves travel across Acline. Given the relative seclusion of Cardonian cities, they often rely on the human and halfling nomads to deliver messages and goods between the stone cities.


Legacy of Amon Stalos