Lagon and The Dusklands

Lagon and The Dusklands were two separate countries prior to the War. The untied in order to conqueror Acline and eventually brought about the loss of magic.

Lagon and The Dusklands are now ruled by a monarchy whose lineage is traced back to the warlord of the Dusklands, the desert to the east of Lagon. While there haven’t been any open conflicts for the past 100 years, border tensions between Lagon and Lyria linger.

Lagon is much more strictly ordered than many other nations, but it isn’t regarded as a dictatorship. Much of the past hatred of Lagon for starting the Great War has past, since it happened millennia ago. Today, much of Acline’s stored knowledge lies in the libraries Lagon maintains. Being such a well ordered society, Lagon maintained a clear, if slightly biased, history before and after the war, including all magical knowledge. Not much as been added to this nations magical libraries, since only the few arcanists that remain can even read or understand it.

Population: 125,000
Composition: Humans 85%, elves 7, Dwarves 6%, Other 2%
Vallangard was the Capitol of Lagon prior to the Great War. It holds the residences of most of the Lagonian noble houses, and many of the historic Lagon’s greatest institutions, including the Arcane Library of Lagon. However, since the end of the war and the merging of Lagon and The Dusklands, Vallangard lost its place as the Capitol. While Lagonian nobles have made numerous attempts to reseat Vallangard as the captiol, diplomatic efforts by the other nations have aided Duskland nobles in maintaining the capitol in The Archways of Duskland. Overtime, many Lagonian nobles have accepted the new status quo and have adopted The Archways and The Dusklands into their way of life, but a strong contingent of Lagonian nationalists remain.

Vallangard is also one of the least diverse cities in Acline. Historically, Elves and Dwarves haven’t had much natural contact with it given the geography, and Lagonian’s generally do not allow nomadic groups to travel through their lands, so Half-lings, orcs, or any other nomadic people never settled there. Moreover, while Vallangard is open with its racial relations, there is still some residual tensions, since Lagon, the only completely human government, initiated the war that lost magic.

Vyn’Dalnath (The Archways)
Population: 280,000
Composition: Human 70%, Halfling 23%, Elves 5%, Other 2%
Vyn’Dalnath, known commonly as The Archways, is the capitol of The Dusklands. Prior to the war, the city expanded far from the coast line into the desert and was supported by a system of magical aqueducts that transported water. While more efficient means of transporting water existed, the citizens of The Archways appreciated the beauty as much as the practically of the aqueducts. During the war, The Archways was relieved of its Capitol status, only to regain it once Lagon had fallen. The nobles of the Dusklands agreed to take stewardship of Lagon, and since the combination of their two nations, The Archway has served as their joint capitol. Being a port city, The Archways sees quite a lot of commerce and travelers. Still the city is not as diverse was one would expect. The heat of the desert does not sit well with elves and dwarves, but halfling have adapted well and make a large presence in the city.

The head arcanist of Lagon and the Duskland is Jian Heartfire. Heartfire is an assumed surname, gained when Jian took on the position of the Heartfire which is also the role of the highest arcanists. The Heartfire serves as a counselor to the Royal family, and it is a position for which children are trained for since birth. Only the most dedicated trainees have even a hope gaining the title. As with many high arcanists, the Heartfire wields great power over the nation, even though he is a subject of his king.

The Royal Family of the Dusklands, The Dalnaths, gave their name to this city, and have managed to hold their line intact for millennia. Many Heartfires have come from the Dalnath line and each additional Heartfire that comes from house Dalnath only strengthens the Dalnath line as the true and only Royal Family.

Lagon and The Dusklands

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