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Here you will find all the information about Acline and the relevant history to the Legacy of Amon

It is important to note this information is only a glimpse. More will be revealed as the story progresses, and you are welcome to add to it if it suits your character’s back story. In particular, the sample of Gods and sects is not exhaustive (although in general, the number of gods is designed to be in the 5-10 range).

Mirina’s Forest
Republic of Lyria
Lagon and The Dusklands
The Marn

Gods, Faiths, and Sects

Light Unyielding

Lost Traveler

The Giver

The Cog

The Chronicler

The Rise of Magic
The Great War
The Rise of a New God
The Fall of Amon
The Remains
The Present

Main Page

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