Republic of Lyria

The Republic of Lyria was once a number of city-states that allied together in the Great War. Fearing that they would be conquered individually by Lagon, they allied together in order to survive. Most agree that, had Lagon not fallen during the destruction of Magic, it is unlikely that Lyria would have remained whole.

Given the history of persecution, Lyria tends toward good and is the only nation that The Light Unyielding as their official god. Worship isn’t required, but most give at least token gestures. Lyria is the most diverse of all the nations, with a number of large cities. Humans make up the majority, as they do most places, but only barely. All members of the humanoid races are present in the cities of Lyria, and it is generally considered one of the more internally peace nations, despite regular tensions with its neighbor Lagan and the Dusklands to the north.

The High Arcanist of Lyria is currently Regent Hyle Dimitrius. Hyle is the Mayor and Regent of the Capitol of Lyria, Warchex. The nation of Lyria decides its high Arcanist in a two part process. First, when the existing high arcanist dies, each region submits a contender for the title. Each other region approves of the candidate (since if the candidate should win, they effectively become the highest power in the nation, despite having no official role in government). Once approved, the candidates under a series of arcane duels against each other, the final winner of which gains the title. Cleverly, Lyria has managed to introduce a sort of fail-safe in the form of a special assassin’s guide the regions of Lyria secretly support. The guild takes would be assassin’s and trains them from birth to be able to kill the high arcanists. Even with the lifelong training, the likely hood of success of any one assassin is small, so the guide trains many, many assassins. The High arcanists is made know of the guilds existence, but none of the details. As such, the threat of the guild, even to a high arcanists, it enough to stop most abuses of power. However, occasionally the assassins have been employed to dispatch a power hungry High arcanists.

Population: ~310,000
Composition: Human 45%, Elves 15%, Halflings 14%, Dwarves 10%, Orcs 8%, Other 8%
Warchex is a typical, if not larger, example of many cities in Lyria. Lyria is the most populated and densely populated nation in Acline, and Warchex reflects this as well. A hub for trade, Warchex is diverse and chaotic as markets deem and docks bustle at all hours. Prior to the loss of magic, Warchex had a dock that extend far, far beyond the waters edge which supported massive magical ships. However, when magic was lost, most of these docks sunk without magical support, along with the ships it serviced. The docks, along with some other magical ruins, still lie in disuse, but given the nature of the human populace, much of the ruins have been built over leaving little to remind the average person of the city’s former glory.

Republic of Lyria

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