The Rise of a New God

The war that Merne sparked after he discovered Lagons secret weapons research raged on for decades. Initially, Lagon easily won all the battles it faced, but it still lacked enough troops to hold territory. This lack of manpower gave the other nations time to slowly ramp up with weapon development. It took almost 15 years for the capabilities of the other countries to begin to match Lagon’s magical weaponry, and another decade for the countries to master both their new weaponry and the tactics that accompanied them. In this time, however, Lagon also saw the end game of this war. It was becoming impossible for them to hold territory gains with their troop numbers, despite the advantage in magical weaponry. So, instead of improving their weapons, they decided to improve then troops.

In the course of the war, a member of House Rylith, Amon Rylith, became an outstanding solider who’s power grew with every battle he one. An amazing arcanist and fighter, Amon was able to win entire battles nearly on his own, and he could best the most elite arcanists from other countries, even outnumbered. The researchers saw this power in Amon, and began to investigate how they might replicate even a fraction of that power. During all this, a religious sect arose around Amon, claiming he had divinity channeled into him. One researcher investigated this claim, and while he found no such evidence, he did find a potential solution to Lagon’s problem. While divine magic is granted by a God, there is a way to imbue a person with a fragment of other worldly power: binding. In binding, fragments of lost beings, called vestiges, are channeled into the binder and some of their power is at the command of the mortal host. Upon learning of this lost art, the researchers began their work.

The process of binding a vestige became clear enough, but their issue was finding a source of power that could give them an edge. Most powerful vestiges are hard to bind and beyond scrutiny. They could not be expected to ‘help’ Lagon. However, they hypothesized that they could, with enough worship turn Amon into a partial demi-god. In doing so, they would have a powerful vestige that all Lagonians would have an easier time binding since Amon would willingly lend them his straighten. Amon was delighted with the idea of divinity and readily agreed.

The arcanists of Lagon constructed a ritual to lift Amon to divinity and allow him to be bound to the soldiers of Lagon. However, as with all such plans, there was a fatal flaw that was overlooked. In the process of raising Amon to godhood, Lagonian researchers failed to understand that a deity and a vestige are not one in the same. The power of a vestige isn’t fully accessible to binders not because of a lack of power on the vestiges part, but because vestiges live in a realm beyond all others and only a portion of their power can reach binders. The ritual was a success, but when Amon was lifted to a demi-god and the first soldiers began to bind him, they were quickly overwhelmed. Soldiers could not unbind Amon, and while this wasn’t immediately an issue, as more and more soldier took on a part of Amon, Amon took on some of them as well. Amon’s arcane power grew with each new binding, and soon Amon could force the binding on other Lagon’s. His lust for power became insatiable, and, and soon all of Lagon’s armed forces bound to him. His binding took on a form of domination, and while Lagonians submitted readily, others did not. Eventually, this domination even extended to divine casters as well. This alone, however, didn’t undo him or Lagon. Amon had complete control, and the improved soldiers were making gains in territory. As gains were made, foreign troops were forced to bind as well.

As this process of assimilation grew and Lagon’s, or one should say Amon’s, victory seemed certain. Something strange happened. Amon continued to assimilate, even as his troops went through the dwarven tunnel cities. In a dark corner of these tunnels, Amon’s soldiers encountered something wholly evil and otherworldly. Some speculate it was The Giver taken human form, other stay some powerful lich or dragon. No one knows but Amon and the troops who encounter, assimilated, and then were killed by the evil presence. Amon immediately began corrupting from the inside, and as his will lost to the evil power, so to did his ability to control his power. He began corrupting all those under his control, and soon he was corrupting anyone who had arcane power, even without binding to them. Only the strongest, most powerful arcanists were able to remain free from his influence.

In these dire circumstances, the remaining Lagonian researchers and powerful arcanists from other nations made a last ditch effort to unmake their creation. The attempted to force Amon to the unknown realm where all vestiges reside. This would have been impossible before Amon was corrupted, but since he lacked focus or sense after succumbing to the evil influence, the arcanists were able to shunt Amon partially into the other realm. This had a devastating side effect, as all though influenced by Amon had their soul torn away when he was cast away. Moreover, the arcanists soon realized their efforts only partially succeeded. As new arcanists developed, once their powers reached a certain level, they would be taken over by Amon even without binding him. Only the most strong willed would be able to keep Amon at bay. So, the final step was decided to subdue Amon. The Powerful magic users from all nations came to together and sealed away magic. The setup a magical protection for each nation, such that each nation could give one champion access to magic and protection from Amon. Beyond that, even the most low level magic was impeded. Only rarely can an individual muster enough strength to cast the simplest spells.

Not unsurprisingly, the art of Binding was banned and erased from most history. However, it too is impeded by the cap on magical power. Those who managed to discover binding where unable to bind any more than the lowliest of vestiges.

The Rise of a New God

Legacy of Amon Stalos