Male half-elf summoner from Astonhill


Corwyn Aljoran was expected to carry on his family legacy by attaining a high rank and prestigious leadership position in Astonhill’s army as his father, and his father’s father, and his father’s father’s father had done. He was strong, and showed some aptitude for riding and command, but displayed far more impressive talents in the form of magical ability. His father would have none of it and insisted Corwyn would become a cavalryman instead. The boy protested, but it was no use; he was shipped off for military training when he was just twelve years old.

He hated every minute of it. Military life, all drills and sparring and men barking orders, was the furthest thing from what Corwyn wanted for himself. It didn’t help that a few of his fellow recruits, in particular a nobleman’s son named Jerrik, didn’t like him much. Jerrik and his friends spent much of their free time abusing Corwyn, menacing him verbally and physically and playing cruel pranks. They were especially fond of tormenting him while he attempted to hone his spellcasting ability into something reliable and useful, something they neither understood nor approved of.

After nearly two years of practicing in secret and multiple setbacks due to Jerrik’s bullying, Corwyn accidentally made contact with… something. He didn’t understand what the creature was or how exactly he had called it to him, but it took a liking to him, and he to it. He would spend the next few weeks perfecting his ability to summon his new ally, which then led to other magical discoveries.

When Jerrik happened upon Corwyn and the creature behind the barracks one night, he panicked and attacked the eidolon, who responded by killing him in self-defense. Now it was Corwyn’s turn to panic; his bully had been killed, by something he had brought forth, by using magic he wasn’t supposed to have been experimenting with in the first place. It was an accident, but nobody would ever believe it. So he mounted his eidolon and left the camp that night, taking nothing but the clothes on his back. He rode all night before arriving in a small village several miles away.

Dismissing the eidolon, Corwyn entered the village, making up a story about traveling through the area with his woodcutter father and being set upon by a pack of wolves in the night; he said his name was Hayne and was offered a place to stay by the local innkeeper in exchange for cleaning out his stable and emptying chamberpots. Without other options, he accepted the offer, continuing to practice in secret. A handful of winters would go by before “Hayne” was comfortable enough with his abilities to venture out on his own….


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